Evenimente internationale 2011_2012

EUA Annual Conference 2012
The Sustainability of European Universities
Hosted by The University of Warwick,
Warwick, United Kingdom 22-23 March 2012

EUIMA Project Final Event
Horizon 2020 and the modernisation of European universities – Dialogue with European policy makers
Brussels, Belgium 10 May 2012

TRACKIT Conference
Tracking the Higher Education Student Lifecycle
Hosted by Aarhus University (Copenhagen Campus),
Copenhagen, Denmark 5-6 June 2012

EUA Funding Forum
Hosted by the University of Salzburg,
Salzburg, Austria 11-12 June 2012

MAUNIMO – Mapping University Mobility of Staff and Students Conference
Oslo, Norway 4-5 September 2012

EUA-CDE Doctoral week
Three events in one: Global perspectives, Funding of Doctoral Education and Quality Assurance
Hosted by Karolinska Institute,
Stockholm, Sweden 24-27 September 2012

EUA Rankings Seminar
Presentation of EUA Rankings Review Brussels,
Belgium 9 November 2012

ALFA PUENTES bi-regional conference
Innovative Strategies for Higher Education in Latin America and Europe: International Collaboration and Regional Development
Sao Paolo, Brazil 12-14 November 2012

7th European Quality Assurance Forum
Tallinn University,
Estonia 22-24 November 2012

CHEPS 25th Anniversary Conference
“The Reform of Higher Education and Research in Europe”
March 11, 2011 at the University of Twente 2

5th CHER Conference, Centre for Education Policy
University of Ljubljana, CEPS 10-12 September 2012

Ministerial Conference and Third Bologna Policy Forum – Bucharest 2012 Romania, on 26-27 April 2012, Palace of the Parliament